The AOK system: A strong community

For over 125 years the AOK has guaranteed high quality medical care for its insured members in the event of ill health. It is the largest of Germany’s roughly 180 statutory health insurance funds. Around 24 million people are insured under the regional 11 AOKs - close to a third of the German population. More than 53,000 qualified AOK employees based in over 1,200 offices ensure that members receive all the services they require: quickly, competently and without bureaucracy.

Professional health care management. But that is not all the AOK does - it also works hard to provide its members with a better standard of health care. For instance, it has developed its own structured treatment programmes for people with chronic diseases. These programmes benefit from scientific monitoring and evaluation, and an integrated quality management system to ensure their constant improvement.

Integrated, not disconnected. The AOK sets standards in other fields, too. Integrated care is a good example. Different stages in treatment - doctor’s surgeries, hospital, nursing homes or rehabilitation - are coordinated for maximum efficiency. Patients are spared duplicate procedures and therapy is more effective. For AOK members this constitutes the best possible health care at an affordable price.

More than just a health insurance fund. Along with the service provided to members by our health and social insurance experts, the AOK has subsidiary companies addressing the needs of the many other stakeholders in the health care system. 

Scientific research institute. Since 1976, the AOK system has benefited from scientific analysis and extensive and reliable data, thanks to its own research institute, WIdO. Special research fields of expert knowledge include the pharmaceuticals and hospitals sector. WIdO’s findings are acknowledged as a credible source of information for the entire German health care system. And the AOK’s systems and software house, AOK-Systems, develops SAP-based, individually-customised IT solutions for the AOK and other statutory health insurance funds.

All AOKs under one banner. The Federal Association of the AOK (AOK-Bundesverband) is the political umbrella organisation of the AOK group. The independent regional AOKs are united under this banner. All strategic decisions regarding the course of the AOK system are taken by these AOKs as partners in the Federal Association.

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